Now cavs finally rest as champs after sending raptors to vacation

It wasn’t set in stone but the win of Cleveland Cavaliers over the Toronto Raptors has definitely come as a huge statement for the team. When playing with the Indiana Pacers, the Cavs weren’t really a well-made team. They depended heavily on LeBron James and often failed to capitalize. At some points, it looked like they weren’t playing as a team. However, Game 4 against the Raptors proved that their past three victories in the series weren’t a fluke.

This time too, it was LeBron James who sent the Raptors to a summer vacation for the third time. This time, it was a series sweep for the team against the top seeded Raptors as the Cavs won 128-93 in Game 4 on Monday. The semi-finals were great but now they have to move into the finals of the East, for the fourth consecutive time.

James played wonderfully, added 29 points to his team’s score. He also managed 11 assists in the game. This the 10th straight win over Toronto. The Raptors are certainly a great team. They have done exceptionally well in the league matches, changed their entire system, their roster and their approach to the game. They even followed the physical and aggressive style of the Pacers during the semi-finals but it wasn’t enough to stop the points machine James.

The Cavs had a hard time playing with the Pacers. They were pushed to their limits by the Indiana team who were brutal to an extent. However, Cleveland team were forged in the fire of Indiana and it helped them tackle the Raptors as well. The team management and the coach Tyronn Lue also acknowledged their series win against the Pacers for this spectacular series sweep in the semis.

James said, “It was a great series for us. We had a lot of challenges to start the series knowing the domination they had in the regular season. We had a great game plan and we just tried to execute it.” He was ably supported by Kevin Love who added 23 points to the game and JR Smith who scored another 15. The team can now wait for the finals, till the time Boston and Philadelphia decide who gets to face the Cavs for the finals.

Kyle Lowry had 10 assists and Jonas Valanciunas scored 18 points for the Raptors but those points didn’t convert as expected. Toronto team faced another low when the All-Star play DeMar De Rozan was ejected in the third quarter. There was nothing historic about this game or the comeback from Raptors. Before them, 130 teams have trailed 3-0 on a series and none of them have ever recorded a comeback to win the series.

The victory was convincing enough for the team, because the last three matches between them were very tight contests. It was quite a pleasant scene to witness for the fans as the 128-93 showed how well the Cleveland boys dominated their opponents. Raptors can now retire for the summer as the management decides which way to go from now. They put on a great show and were very worthy opponents, so a little more introspection will help.

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