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LeBron James makes sporting history

The Cavaliers, star player LeBron James made sporting history on Sunday. For the records says Elias Sports Bureau, James historical 396th playoff steal from 224th games on Sunday, took him past the earlier record by ‘Hall of Fame’ player Scottie Pippen’s 395 steals from 208 playoff games. James is the first player in over 20 seasons to start Game 7 with 7-for-7 consecutive makes, according to the game statistics.

Meanwhile, refusing to take all credit for the spectacular performance, James said, “We’re a team, it’s not one individual, we’re a team, and all of us expect so much out of each other.” He added that, regardless of who was on the floor playing, the focus was to make plays and Sunday was just his turn. Unfortunately, for him and his team, his worst gaming enemy made a comeback. James has been a victim of cramps in his legs in the past too, and Sunday’s game saw a return of his most dreaded painful cramps.

While he rested and restored himself with orange slices over IVs, his star teammates Kevin Love and others lost the lead gained by James. The season for the Cavs has been nothing short of amazing, with unexpected highs and lows throughout the season. And the crucial match proved to be no exception.

Led by Love, soon Cavs pushed ahead with three baskets, while injured and epidural-induced George Hill played to strengthen the team. With James return a few minutes later, Cavs finished the 45-point performance with spectacular 40-points in the game.

The performance has placed James ahead of two other basketball giants – Michael Jordan who holds the third spot, followed by Magic Johnson in the fourth position. James’ was well aided by teammate Tristan Thompson, and were a powerful combination with over seven rebounds in the first 15 minutes. However, Thompson was rested soon after given his struggles in the past half season with a daughter with celebrity girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian.

The team Cavs played against, Indiana Pacers had gone with a 20-5 run in the third quarter and had played strong enough for Cavs to lose the 14-point led Cavs held when James was rested.

Despite the win, The Cavaliers lost on points-basis to Pacers, even though they won the seven games.

James scores for Cavs

Though Cavs have lesser points than the Pacers, in Sunday’s match, James 26 points were crucial in the first half. In fact, it was a mini-record by itself, as it was the highest score of his career in any half of Game 7. His earlier best was in 2008 when he had 23 points against Boston Celtics. However, Cavs had lost that match. For James, meanwhile, by winning the game on this Sunday, he holds 5-2 in Games 7s.

Over the seasons, James’ struggle with cramps has curtailed his games, and Sunday’s postseason playoffs were no exception. However, the highlight of cramps in this match was the crucial juncture at which they occurred, the second half of Game 7.

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