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FC Barcelona’s pulsating win over Deportivo for 7th La Liga Title

FC Barcelona rewrote football club history with its sensational win over Deportivo, at Riazor for the 2018 La Liga title. The title is the club’s 7th such win in 10 years, continuing a winning streak it begun in the 2008-9 season.  Barca, as it is passionately called by legions of its fans, is now at an untouchable leader position in League matches. In fact, this title win makes it the 25th La Liga trophy for Barca to celebrate.

In what is Barca’s most outstanding season, the club notched an impressive 4-2 win over Deportivo, continuing its unbeaten record of 34 game wins. For Valverde, the win is his only his 9th in comparison to Messi’s spectacular run of 32 title wins. Messi’s triple goals lead the club into this super league, though Deportiv, gave a spirited fight to remain in the contest. Messi’s 30 the league goal, with a sensational assist from Suarez’s, followed by two late strikes, laid to rest any fight from Depor.

Top of the League

Barca, went into the match at Riazor, aware that one point would suffice to win the seventh title.  This moment came when Philippe Coutinho completed Dembele’s pass, and Messi’s superbly scored his 30th league goal, doubling the lead. Deporto’s Perez scored before the break and Colak in the 64th minute finished fine to become level. Finally, it was Messi’s brilliant two late strikes which stamped Barca’s historic 7th title win in 10 seasons, and the 25th title for the club.

By winning the current title, Barca has become the first club in this century to have won three tournaments in a row, a feat last achieved by Cruyff’s team in the 1990s. It is a remarkable turnaround for Barca, ever since Real Madrid had coveted LaLiga title last season, followed by the UEFA Champions League. This had led to some tough situations for the Catalan giants, as they came under pressure and some criticism for their massive defeat (5-1) to El Clasico in August, during the Supercopa de Espana games. But the telling blow was perhaps the transfer of Neymar to Saint-Germain.

Barca, however, recovered quickly enough to silence critics. Ernesto Valverde’s deftly handled a losing team back to gain the LaLiga cap twinning it with Copa del Rey. Though the title wins are spectacular, Barca exposed some of their weakness too. In the quarterfinal of the Champions League, they lost badly to Roma. But, their foray into LaLiga has been great throughout the season and has only to beat El Clasico for this weekend to end a memorable run.

Domestic Doubles

Barca’s domination of La Liga has not been comprehensive. In 10 seasons, Barca has only 13 wins from six cups and seven leagues. But, 2018 has been a remarkable year so far, for FC Barcelona as it won both the Copa del Rey and now the LaLiga titles for a fantastic Domestic double.

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