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Chicago Cubs create history as they defeat Colorado Rockies 3-2

The Chicago Cubs have created history by registering a new franchise record as they won convincingly against the Colorado Rockies 3-2 on Monday.

This is their fifth consecutive win scoring three or less runs. This is the first time since 2011 that a team has managed to do so. However, in the Cubs’ history, this is a maiden achievement. The club has reached the first position in the National League Central.

“You guys now believe me?” Monday’s starter, John Lester later asked.

“We will roll it up,” Lester said. “Playing only every day, and no eight days between starts, always helps. We are moving in the right direction.”

The Cubs played the least number of games this season, partly because they were victims of bad weather, wherever they went.

Cancellation is the norm, and high-priced rotation is short-lived. However, as the rain and snow faded, the starters began to heat up. After Monday, they did not give up a single-game in the past five games. Although the Cubs only scored 12 points, they won all their matches.

“This pitching is excellent,” Joe Madden said. “There are no winning runs, giving them a lot of credit.”

The pitching staff of the team has given only one earned run in the past 45 innings in the current homestand. Most of their games were played in cold conditions, but Monday was different. An 80-degree temperature welcomed the team along with a 12mph wind.

“You don’t usually see a 3-2 game like this night,” Lester said.

The Cubs’ trump card was pulled into the match, so they won the 26-year-old Northwestern University product Luke Farrell, son of former MLB pitching coach and manager John Farrell.

“I will not play down it,” Farrell said after his 1.1 innings. “To win the first victory in the major leagues is an amazing thing. I really appreciate this achievement.”

Since Maddon avoided the fourth game between Carl Edwards Jr. and Brandon Morrow in five days, the Cubs are relaxing their top players and pushing Farrell into the middle of the high tension situation. He retired the four batsmen he faced, including Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon. The Cubs will take the lead in the next game.

“He is the key to the entire game,” Maddon said. “This person has the same makeup as anyone in this team – I am impressed by his way, and it can’t be more impressive.”

Farrell added, “The adrenaline I shot in front of such fans on Monday night was amazing.”

These fans are delighted because the Cubs are unique in May, just as they were in 2016 and 2017, both seasons ended with division titles.

If you want to know, only two teams in Live Ball Era (1920) won six straight and scored less than three runs. The Cubs can complete this feat when Kyle Hendricks gets the mound on Tuesday.

Under these conditions, no team has won a seven-game winning streak. Maddon might want more breathing space late in the game, but the Cubs pitchers are putting the team on their collective backs. “The past five games have been very interesting,” Leicester said with a smile.

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