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2018 NFL Draft: Astonishing Picks, Unexpected Outcomes

Following months of endless notions, fake rumors, needless judgments, and way too many pseudo drafts and conjectures, the 2018 NFL Draft ultimately came and went. On Thursday, it was a great beginning for the Browns, by selecting quarterback Baker Mayfield No. 1 overall and on Saturday, the Redskins closed up the store by taking SMU wide receiver Trey Quinn with the last pick of the draft.
There was, however, a lot of speculation regarding the Browns going in for Sam Darnold or Josh Allen — two prototypical NFL quarterbacks –, not a hybrid quarterback. Also, the Giants were not expected to stay put at No. 2 and then take up Saquon Barkley. Neither was Bradley Chubb slipped on Browns at NO. 4 OR or Derwin James supposed to be still on the board at the halfway point of the first round. But as usual, the NFL Draft was not even close to what the agents and football fanatics had been estimating.
For NFL teams, using the long-term view is significant in implementing a draft plan. But progressing a first-round pick can take many divergent forms. Some of the most prized preferences in this year’s draft might be in for a subtle introduction into the league, as teams look instead to rely on certified veterans on the spot for the time being.
Following are some of the surprising picks this year, which might prove to make a lasting impact –
1. Baker Mayfield, No. 1, Browns
Up until the final day, it was not certain that Mayfield will emerge out to be the frontrunner in the race to become the first overall pick. Though the Browns were in need of a quarterback, names like Josh Allen and Sam Darnold were also in the running. Among many in the NFL community — Pro Football Focus most particularly — Mayfield was the top quarterback in this year’s draft. However, it was still astonishing to see a quarterback, — bold, mobile, short and athletic, go way ahead of the traditional quarterbacks.
2. Saquon Barkley, RB, New York Giants, No. 2
The Giants continued the streak of surprises followed by the Browns, with a one of their own, by picking Barkley even before listening to the offers. He is already runaway’s favorite as the most offensive runner. Owning to incredible speed, elusiveness, and stamina, Saquon poses as a great runner. He creates mismatches in the game with ease and is posing as a threat to Eli Manning.
3. Denzel Ward, Browns, No. 4
So, when the Jets took an unexpected route by taking Darnold, the Browns were back on the clock again at No. 4. All throughout, everyone thought the Browns would go with NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb — arguably the best potential in the draft — if he were still out there at No. 4 to pair him with last year’s top-overall pick, Myles Garrett. But instead, the Browns chose to pick the best cornerback in the draft, Ohio State’s Denzel Ward.
As the new NFL draft unfolded, many players were left surprised. But the picks for this year are proving that football has changed significantly and traditions are being broken to rewrite history.

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